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Most Useful GPS Cell Phone Tracking Apps

While there exist quite a few methods to track the location of a cell phone and the person using it, only the law enforcement agencies, other than the service providers themselves, are authorized to do so. Illegal approaches to cell phone tracking do exist, but they are best left untouched for obvious reasons.

Service providers and law enforcement agencies are legally and morally bound to help you, but only if you have a genuine reason. Now the term ‘genuine’ in this case is subjective. For parents, keeping a track of the whereabouts of their child is no doubt a genuine reason, but they can’t go to the agencies for the same. This is exactly where GPS cell phone tracking apps, which use GPS navigation to locate the device (and its user) come into the picture.

GPS Navigation and Cell Phone Tracking

Initially, the use of GPS was restricted to getting directions to go from point A to point B. As time elapsed, several new uses of the same surfaced; tracking, wherein the location of a cell phone is traced by the method of trilateration, being one of them. This process is based on the law that it is possible to determine the location of an object when the distance of the said object from three different points is known.

It is one of the several methods that are used by law enforcement agencies to track people on the basis of their cell phone location. In several jurisdictions, these agencies are even entitled to track a person’s cell phone to keep a track of his whereabouts without him knowing, i.e., non-consensual tracking.

Apps for GPS Cell Phone Tracking

Over the course of time, some app developers have come up with apps that use the GPS technology to locate cell phones. Most of these apps work on similar lines; on downloading the app on the handset that is to be tracked, you get to monitor the movement of the person using this handset, on a map on your handset or computer. Unlike in the case of non-consensual tracking, wherein you are kept in dark about the fact that your movement is being monitored, this is a case of consensual tracking where the app explicitly requires your permission to do the needful.

There is no dearth of such cell phone tracking apps. While some of these apps come for free, others come for a stipulated fee. You will find them on the iTunes Store, Google Play, or even the app developer’s dedicated website, from where you can download them. Some of these apps are invisible, i.e., they don’t have any icon. They are designed to work in the background to ensure that the user doesn’t know that he is being tracked.

These mobile tracking apps are useful for people who want to keep a track of the whereabouts of their children and family members. Some of these apps come with a feature called Geofence alerts, wherein you get a message when your child moves out of the demarcated area or goes to places where he is not supposed to. Some of these even provide a list of sex offenders in that area. With these apps, you can even keep a track of your family members during natural disasters. They can also help you track your cell phone in case you lose it or it gets stolen.
These mobile tracking apps are useful for people who want to keep a track of the whereabouts of their children and family members. Some of these apps come with a feature called Geofence alerts, wherein you get a message when your child moves out of the demarcated area or goes to places where he is not supposed to. Some of these even provide a list of sex offenders in that area. With these apps, you can even keep a track of your family members during natural disasters. They can also help you track your cell phone in case you lose it or it gets stolen.

Flash a Cell Phone

If you are in a mood to change your network provider and carrier, you would need to flash it off. Oh no, I don’t mean that you flaunt it! Flashing a cell phone is about getting your phone in sync with your new carrier if you choose to retain the same handset. On that note, this article will tell you all about how to flash a cell phone.

Vital Information

Flashing a cell phone refers to changing or rewriting a phone’s mechanism to communicate with the provider. This mechanism is called firmware. If this is not installed in your phone, you would not be able to send text messages, make phone calls, download, or send any information from your phone. Now, when you change your carrier or service provider, normally, they have their own set of handsets with their firmware installed. If you do not want their phone model and want to keep the hand set which you have, flashing comes into picture. It also involves resetting the firmware of the phone if there are problems in its operation. So basically, flashing means to ensure that the firmware in your phone is compatible and in sync with the network provider.

How to Flash a Phone

The first thing you need to know is about the things you require for it. These are –

-Flashing software (which you can download )
-A USB cable for the phone
-A computer with Windows 2000 or Newer, a USB Port, 800Mhz+, 256MB RAM
-A CDMA cell phone

Once you are ready with these tools, we move on to the next step. Here are the following steps.

Step #1

Acquiring the correct software update is the first thing you need to do. Normally, this software can be downloaded from the website of the service provider. So, download that software.

Step #2

The file you download would be in a zip form. Hence, after you download that file, you will naturally need to unzip it. Your phone manual will most probably have instructions about this, and the downloaded software too will have that.

Step #3

Another important thing is that you would be required to register with the CDMA or GSM carrier you want to sign up with. After you are done with this and getting the software on your computer, you have to connect your phone to the computer with the help of the data cable.

Step #4

What you need to know when trying to flash is get that relevant software in your phone. The software will then update your firmware. There you are! Done! The whole process takes around 15 minutes.

Step #5

If this idea of downloading the software and then getting it on your phone seems scary to you, well, there is an easier option. You can get in touch with your new service provider, and they would do it for you.

A few other things which are worth mentioning are the security and phone locking and unlocking issues. Flashing will just work on the firmware and not on your personal phone settings. Thus, in case you have sim locks or phone locks in your phone and you cannot remember it, the flashing software will not help you out with the unlocking part. You would then have to go and talk to your service provider for that. Finally, just be careful about safety while downloading the software from the Internet on your computer and then to your phone, because your cell phone is susceptible to viruses and it can ruin it.

Speech Recognition Software

The speech recognition software is a well-known application that helps to cope with different speaking speeds. It involves a procedure that allows a computing system to apply a sequence alignment method for speech recognition.
The Internet and wireless technology have enhanced every aspect of our lives, with instant connectivity and the advanced operations made possible. The special speech recognition software applicable today is a complex package that not only recognizes the voice of a person, but also makes what is said, clearly audible. The design is to convert the words uttered into a wireless input that is readable by the gadget. It works such that there is a binary code produced for every string of character. It is often imprecisely mistaken for speech recognition. It is important to understand that the technology enhanced is for dedicated ‘speaker recognition’. The attempt is to identify the person who is speaking and not what is being communicated.


Speech recognition software application is operation specific and includes a number of dedicated components, like voice dialing, call routing, audio search that is based on spoken content, and appliance control that is demotic in nature, where you are able to locate a podcast in which particular words were communicated. The other features include simple data entry, the preparation of specific documents, and effective text processing from the speech identified and coded. It is a performance-based and speech-recognition-oriented attempt that is usually measured on the basis of the recorded accuracy and speed of the application. The ‘accuracy’ part of the evaluation is measured in terms of performance accuracy. The Word Error Rate (WER) rating system is applied and evaluated here, while the ‘speed’ part of the evaluation is taken care of via an extensive Real Time Factor system (RTF).

There are a number of other evaluation techniques also applied to measure the performance, like the Single Word Error Rating (SWER) and the Command Success Rating (CSR) systems. Most users agree to the success and high performance of the technology, especially within a controlled environment. There are commercially marketed and easily accessible speaker dependent systems for effective dictation, that involve a training period that is not only short, but also successfully evaluates recorded speech, including a large vocabulary, with accuracy. The technology is on record for achieving nearly 98% accuracy, under conditions that are monitored and optimized.

The application of the software is optimized, when the users are trained to adopt certain preconditioned speech characteristics, in sync with the data made available for the training, and when proper ‘speaker adaptation’ is attempted and applied. It also makes a difference to the performance of the special software, if the work environment is noise free. This also contributes to the reason why users with a heavy accent are poorly rated. The application has become a popular search technology used by a number of video search companies operating world wide. There are limited vocabulary systems available too. These are designed for operations within which there is no demand for training. The software is able to ‘recognize’ a limited vocabulary use that is used by most people and effectively route incoming phone calls to their destinations.

Technologies Used

The technology within the software uses both, the acoustic and language modeling systems. They are used to enhance the achievements of the statistics-based algorithms. The language modeling systems have support applications, like the document classification and special keyboard operations. The statistics based models apply the technology by creating an output of a sequence of symbols. The application is popular because the training required is automatic, simple, and feasible computationally. The modern systems use the standard techniques in various combinations. Decoding of the speech has enhanced the operations of many a business venture world wide.

Detect and Remove Spyware from Your iPhone

Remove Spyware from Your iPhoneThese days, there is no need to hire a private detective to know the whereabouts and linkups of a person, thanks to the release of the alarmingly high rate of phone spyware. This article will tell you how to detect and remove spyware from an iPhone.
Jailbreak in iPhone
Jailbreaking is a method in which you run modified firmware on the iPhone, which otherwise, the iOS doesn’t allow you to access due to potential malware. Jailbreaking allows the user to run unsigned software on his iPhone. Spyware is installed on iPhone through jailbreaks.

This article is for all those people whose iPhone is being accessed by their jealous or possessive significant other, or by a friend, boss, or relative who has always been nosy into their private affairs. There is a great possibility of your iPhones being jailbroken, in order to use it to spy on you.Installing spyware on an iPhone can provide access to the victim’s text messages, call logs, e-mails, banking passwords, and even the current location can be traced with a spyware.

Technology has improved and upgraded to such an extent that these days, people don’t even know by whom are they being watched. Did you know that people who secretively install spyware software on the phone, are in most cases, the ones whom the victim trusted the most and least expected to spy on his or her private life? The fact that iPhone does not have any software, which can detect such spyware, is all the more threatening.

But hey, relax! Here we will not only tell you how to understand if your iPhone is being used to spy on you, but also methods for removing spyware from your iPhone. The most important aspect while detecting spyware on an iPhone is to recall if the iPhone had physical access by a second person. Spyware can be installed by a person with an average knowledge about jailbreaking. This procedure does not take more than 5 minutes.

Signs that Your iPhone has a Spyware Installed
☞ Watch out for unexplained heating up of the iPhone even when not in use and poor battery backup in spite of frequent charging of the phone. The reason for poor battery levels is that a lot of data has to be monitored by the spyware and sent to the installer’s phone. This recedes the battery life.
☞ Check if your display screen shows a data transfer icon even when the data transfer is ticked ‘off’ and the Internet is not in use. If it does, the possibility of the spyware being installed shoots up all the more.
☞ Freezing of the iPhone, sudden shutdowns, slow restarts, excessive usage of Internet data, and huge bills for texts and calls, which don’t match the rate of utility of the iPhone, is another shout out from your phone, indicating that something’s wrong.
☞ Look for signs of jailbreak and search for the Cydia App (software which allows the jailbroken iPhone to install apps) icon on your home screen. If this app doesn’t show on the home screen, then search for it in “applications.” Nevertheless, if you yourself have jailbroken your phone in the past, then this pointer for detecting spyware should be avoided.
Show the Spyware its Way Out
☞ They say, prevention is better than cure. So, always keep your iPhone password protected. From your display screen to all the other applications, make sure that you keep everything protected with a password. And if possible, try keeping your phone to yourself and don’t let it out to people, unless there is an emergency.☞ Delete applications and programs that are not installed by you. But updating or clearing data will not solve the entire problem. Sync your data, for example, your contacts, and photos (not your applications) with iTunes. Now, with the help of iTunes, restore your data. This way, all your data and purchased applications will be restored. The reason for not syncing your applications with iTunes is that, doing so will take a backup of the spyware as well.☞ Avoid jailbreaking your iPhone. iPhones that are jailbroken are more susceptible to spyware. Always have an antivirus installed in your iPhone.

☞ To conclude on the pointers of removal of spyware from an iPhone, remember that a simple update of the iOS will paralyze the spyware, rendering it useless.
So the next time you feel that you are being spied on, you definitely know how to ward off the trouble. Removing spyware from an iPhone is easy, but we suggest that always secure your phone with tricky passwords and stay away from your possessive exes.