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Backup Xbox 360 Games on DVDs

If you wish to make a copy of your favorite Xbox 360 game(s), the standard disk burning software on your PC might not be of much help. You will need some special tools to get this job done. In this article, we show you how you can burn copies of your Xbox 360 games onto blank DVDs.
Nowadays, there are a variety of gaming and entertainment devices available in the market. One such device is the Xbox 360, which is manufactured by Microsoft Corporation, and has a wide user base worldwide. This highly advanced gaming console is a tough competitor to Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii. Along with entertaining users with games having high-end graphics, it can also be used as a music and video player to watch TV shows, view photos, and other similar applications.

When it comes to advanced consoles such as the Xbox 360, gaming is the most prominent aspect. The games are usually available on disks, which is a very convenient method of distribution. However, using these disks again and again causes significant wear and tear on them, ultimately rendering them unreadable. It is therefore better to make a backup copy in order to avoid having to repurchase the same game again.

However, making a copy is easier said than done. If you try to burn Xbox 360 games using a standard DVD burning application, it won’t serve the purpose at all. This is because, these specialized game discs have ‘copyright protection’ active, which does not allow one to directly make a copy. But there is a way around this, which lets you make backup copies of your favorite games.

Burning Xbox 360 Games

Those wanting to burn Xbox 360 games should do it for the sole purpose of taking a backup of the game. Remember, distributing copyright protected game discs for profit is illegal, and doing so can have you facing legal penalties.

If you want to burn backup copies of Xbox 360 games, you will necessarily have to purchase and download a game copying software from the Internet. You also have the option of getting a licensed application from your local computer store that would do the job. These software are designed to recognize copyright protected data, copy it, and burn it on an empty disk.

There are many different game duplication software available online as well as in computer stores. If you download/purchase a good one, you will not only be able to burn Xbox 360 games, but also games for Nintendo Wii, PSP, PlayStation, PC games, and other advanced gaming consoles.

Good Game Copying Software

The following are a few popular software programs that you can download from the Internet to make copies of your Xbox 360 game disks.

-Slysoft CloneCD
-Easy Backup Wizard
-Game Copy Monster
-Game Copy Wizard

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games

Burning Xbox 360 games is actually quite simple and straightforward. Most of these software function in a very standard manner, much similar to a DVD burning application.

After downloading one from the web, or purchasing one from your local computer store, you need to install it on your computer system. After the installation is complete, open its interface. If you have any difficulties regarding the working of the software, you can refer to the help file on the interface.

Now, put the Xbox game disc in the DVD drive, after which it will be recognized, and a duplicate copy will be made. Once this process is complete, remove the original game disc and insert a blank DVD in the drive. It is advisable to use a dual layer blank DVD.

After the blank DVD is inserted, the game copying application will burn an image of the game on it. When the burning process is complete, you will have a copy of the original Xbox 360 game. You can burn all your favorite games in this manner.

Be it any kind of game of any gaming console, to burn a copy you will inevitably require a game copying application that will recognize copyright protected data from original game disc. Again, remember that duplicated game DVDs are only for personal use and not for redistribution.

Copy PS3 Games to a Hard Drive

The Sony Playstation 3 is one of the best gaming consoles ever produced till date, with several features that include a 3.2 GHz CPU, a 320 GB hard drive, and a top-of-the-line graphics card. What sets it apart is the range of PlayStation 3 (PS3) games, which are mind-boggling and severely addictive to say the least.

Virtual reality was never so alluring, as it is today, in this age of seventh-generation gaming consoles. With the amount of money you pay for buying PS3 games, it’s essential that you back them up on your hard drive or burn them on other drives.

You need to know that all PS3 game disks are now available only as Blu-ray discs. So the DVD writer, installed on your computer is useless, as far as copying them to a hard drive is concerned. You need to install a Blu-ray writer to be able to access the files on these game disks.

Another issue is the fact that copying these games to your hard drive and making copies is a violation of copyright.

I shall discuss the procedure for copying, in good faith, that you plan to use this information to back up your games. Any attempts to sell or distribute their copies is considered illegal.

Copying the Games to Your Hard Drive

Even if you have to just copy these games to a hard drive and not make copies, you will need to get a Blu-ray writer to read the files and a special software that can override the write protection to copy the files.

There are several software programs that can get past the copyright protection and copy the games onto your computer hard drive. One of the most programs used for the purpose is ‘Easy Backup Wizard’, which comes with a price tag of USD 59, but it’s currently available for a discounted price of USD 29. Another program that you could use is ImgBurn. Download any one of these programs and install it on your PC. Also install the Blu-ray writer hardware, if you don’t have it already. Get a few blank Blu-ray disks too.

Once this is done, load the Blu-ray disc and open the Easy Backup Wizard software. Use the copying features provided in it, to back up the game on your computer hard drive. Once you have copied the game to the hard drive, use the same program to burn the games on to another Blu-ray disk. With that, your objective has been accomplished.

Though it may cost you a lot to just get hold of the Blu-ray writer, considering the amount of money you spend on the original game disks, it is definitely worth the effort. Just keep in mind, what I talked about, right at the start. Use the copyright override software only to back up your games and do not resort to selling those Blu-ray disks, as it is seen as piracy, which is punishable by law.

Why Computer Freezes When Playing Games

I have been there. Right in the heat of the moment, when you are about to blow of a terrorist’s head in a closely fought game of Counterstrike, the computer freezes and you lose the shot! While controlling the uncontrollable outburst of expletives, you watch your CT team taking a beating. In such cases, if computer freezes while playing games, you need to immediately identify the source of the problem and take care of it, to prevent further freezing episodes. I am going to help you figure out the problems that could cause your computer to freeze while playing computer games in this article.

Why Does Your Computer Freeze During Game Play?

Every single computer problem can be traced to two prime sources, which include hardware and software related issues. Rendering and operating computer games poses the ultimate challenge for your computer hardware and software and if both are found lacking in any aspect, it’s bound to reflect in performance. In the following lines, you will find the prime hardware and software related problems that may cause a computer to hang up or freeze in the middle of action.

Mismatching Hardware & Software Requirements
When you investigate why your computer slows down all of a sudden while playing games with heavy GPU usage, you will find the most common reason to be mismatching hardware or software requirements. If the game demands that you need at least 2 GB of RAM for the game to run smoothly and your computer has a paltry 512 MB of RAM, the game is sure as hell going to slow down! If your processor, graphic card and software requirements are not met, the game will continue to freeze or in some cases, it won’t run at all. So check out the minimum hardware and software requirements for the game and upgrade your computer to ensure that freezing doesn’t occur!

Video Card Driver Problem
One of the most crucial components that play a large role in the graphic rendering of games is the video card. If you don’t have the right video card driver or your existing video card driver has bugs, the game may freeze. You will need to upgrade the video card driver to solve the problem.

Overheated Video Card and CPU
Another purely computer hardware related cause that may freeze your PC is overheating. If you have been playing for hours, the mortal failing of your CPU and video card are bound to get exposed, leading to a freeze situation. When this happens, you need to switch off the system and let it cool down for a while, before you start playing again.

Background Processes Eating Up Memory
If you have too many programs running in the background when playing computer games, they are bound to eat up the working memory of the computer and cause it to slow down. Ensure that all background processes, besides the ones that are absolutely necessary are not being run, to make your game play smooth.

Virus Problems
Another cause, which is the root of most software or hardware related computer problems is a computer virus infection. Viruses can keep processes running in the background that may cause a freeze during game play. They may even corrupt the game software installed on the computer. Get one of the best antivirus software and clean out all the virus infections that might be slowing the computer down.

Outdated or Corrupted Rendering Software
A crucial component in the running of games on a computer is the rendering software like DirectX that is installed on the computer. If you have an old or corrupted version, you may experience rendering problems during game play, leading to a freeze. This can be prevented by installation of the latest rendering software.

In most cases, the freezing problem is mostly related to the graphic card driver or mismatching hardware or software requirements. Check for each of the above causes one by one, until you arrive at the right diagnosis. Make sure that all the hardware requirements, as well as software requirements are met to ensure that your computer runs smoothly and doesn’t hang up when you are in the middle of action!

Uninstall Steam from Your Computer

Steam is a multiplayer gaming and social networking client developed by Valve Corporation. Though a very intuitive software for multiplayer gaming, a minor bug or a corrupt file could make it unresponsive at times. This article write-up provides a step-by-step tutorial to uninstall steam from your Windows or Mac computer.
Steam Box
A Steam Box or Steam Machine is a gaming computer that was ideated by Valve Corporation, and is specifically meant to play Steam-compatible games. The computer runs a Linux-based operating system, referred to as the SteamOS, which can also be downloaded for a personal computer, completely free of charge.
Many games require the Steam application for proper operation and online/offline gameplay. It allows gamers to buy games digitally, store game data on the application’s incorporated cloud storage, communicate with other gamers, trade game goodies, besides other features and benefits. Steam has a collection of over 3,500 games, and a total membership of approximately 8 million users.

The application supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 3. Steam also supports cross-platform multiplayer gaming, and supports user-created content via the Steam Workshop (a subsidiary to the original application). However, as mentioned above, Steam could be unresponsive at times due to a bug or some internal error, and needs to be uninstalled completely in order to reinstall a fresh updated version. Uninstalling Steam could also be required when migrating from your old computer to a new one.

Learn how to uninstall the Steam software without losing your precious games or game data, by following the steps below.

From Windows XP/Vista/7/8
The simplest method is to use the add/remove programs feature, but in case that fails, and you can’t uninstall Steam, you’ll need to manually delete the files from your system.

Exit Steam
Do this by right-clicking the Steam icon in the notification area, and then click on exit. Alternately, you could also use the task-manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) to exit the application.

Backup Your Games
Move the ‘SteamApps’ folder from C:\Program Files\Steam or C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam to another folder on the hard-drive or on a flash drive (if migrating). This will keep your games and game data secure, and would eliminate the need to reinstall your games all over again.

Delete Steam Contents
Permanently Delete (Shift+Delete) all the contents from your Steam directory.

Edit the Registry
Go to Start > Run and type regedit. In Windows 8/7 or Windows Vista, you can directly search for ‘regedit’ in the start menu.

In the left pane of the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve (for 32-bit operating systems), or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Valve (for 64-bit operating systems).

Right-click on the Valve directory, and click delete.

Delete User Profile
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam in the registry editor; right-click on the Valve directory and click delete.

Close the registry editor. Steam has been completely erased from your system. When reinstalling Steam, place the ‘SteamApps’ folder in its original location.

(Note: Editing the registry values requires proper caution, do not delete or edit any file or folder without proper knowledge.)

From Mac
Exit Steam
Click the Steam menu and click ‘Quit Steam’ to exit the application.

Backup Your Games
Navigate to, Hard Drive > Users > Your Mac Username\Library\Application Support\Steam\SteamApps. Now, backup the SteamApps folder to retain all your installed games, and avoid re-downloading and installing all over again.

Delete Steam
Navigate to Applications and drag the Steam icon to the trash icon.

Open Finder, and navigate to Hard Drive > Users > Your Mac Username\Library\Application Support. Delete the Steam folder by dragging it to the trash icon.

Now that you have uninstalled Steam, you can very well migrate your game data to another computer, or simply use it to retain your games in case you plan to reinstall.